Miss Cinnamon?

Lately I’ve been asking my friends and family this question: ”If I were an ingredient what would I be”? Most of the responses were cinnamon, and a select few, whom I shall leave unnamed, said I remind them of a squash due to my “curvy figure”. I beg to differ with that one! I’ll go with cinnamon. Why cinnamon you may ask? Well for all of you who don’t know, cinnamon is a very dynamic spice. It can be used in sweet and savory dishes, and it still maintains that distinct woodsy and spicy taste. From cinnamon coffee cake to cinnamon in Indian Pulao (sauteed rice dish), it can go a long way!

A great cinnamon tip:

If you’ve cooked a meal, or your apartment/house has an unfriendly odor that you want to get rid of, boil water with half a lemon and a cinnamon stick. The lemon will add a refreshing scent to the air, while the cinnamon masks the unfriendly odor, filling the room with a fresh nutty scent!


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