Grilled Cheese Tikka Masala- Quickie Lunch!

Got a few minutes for lunch but don’t know what to make? Try my Indian take on a classic American sandwich- Grilled Cheese. It’s fast, CHEAP and oo soo satisfying!

America is a melting pot full of different cultures, ethnicities, foods, religions, people- you name it! The Indian population is growing rapidly, so much so that Indian ingredients AND products are available at my local Stop & Shop grocery store! I feel that everyones life can use a little but more spice, and by adding the tikka masala to this American classic, is a symbol of how Indians are integrating their culture and traditions into the American lifestyle. Give it a try, let me know what you think!

Tools: Small non-stick skillet, spatula

1. Spray skillet with PAM and set on medium-low heat. Add sliced onions and black pepper. Saute until translucent and soft.

2. Spray one side of each slice of bread with PAM. On the un-sprayed side put a thin layer of tikka paste on each slice. Place 1 slice of cheese on each side. After the onions are finished, place on only one side of the bread. Put the other side over to make a sandwich.

3. Spray your skillet again, and place on medium-low heat. Place the sandwich carefully, and toast until the cheese is melted, flipping only once. Each side should have a nice golden brown color.

4. Serve with reduced-fat kettle cooked chips and a coke zero, and you have yourself a healthy and hearty meal!

Serves 1

Where can you get Tikka Masala?

A lot of different grocery stores sell Indian products, and even (grocery deliveries) sells Indian products. The average cost for a bottle of tikka masala is around $6.00. The shelf-life is long, so its worth the cost!

Even MORE pressed for time?

If you don’t have 10 minutes, nor do you mind the taste of raw onions, you can just add sliced raw onions to the sandwich and grill as stated in step 3!

Check it out on Foodista!
Grilled Cheese Tikka Masala- Quickie Lunch!


7 thoughts on “Grilled Cheese Tikka Masala- Quickie Lunch!

  1. YUM! I’m gonna make this soon! You would be proud of me, I made chicken tikka masala and basmati rice for dinner last night 🙂

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