A Healthy Meal at a Seemingly Unhealthy Chain- Jose Tejas!

A few nights ago my family and I (mostly my mom and I haha) had a craving for Mexican food. But sometimes during a hectic week, one doesn’t really feel like cooking and cleaning. That’s when we head to Jose Tejas– good, fast CHEAP, and awesome Tex-Mex cuisine. I’ve eaten at many, many Mexican restaurants in NYC, NJ, Texas, Mexico- you name it. But I still haven’t discovered a Tex-Mex restaurant that TOPS Jose Tejas. The food is fresh and yummy and best of all SUPER cheap- I’m talking $7-8 an entree for dinner, I really don’t think it can get any cheaper than that a decent sit-down restaurant!

When people think of Mexican food, they generally think of tortilla chips, cheese, and meats- ingredients that are pretty unhealthy. But low and behold I’ve found my healthy and vegetarian option! Listen, you don’t need a chicken or steak fajita to fulfill your Mexican food craving- especially if you haven’t tried this veggie option!

So, I ordered a Vegetable Faijta Entree, which by the way is $9.99, and they serve it with the sour cream, cheese, rice and beans on the side.

These are what the sides generally look like..


The vegetables are seasoned to perfection and cooked with minimal oil (I asked them, don’t you worry)- so it’s healthy to begin with! Plus it has a great assortment of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, onions, mushrooms, squash, zucchini- all sauteed and served sizzling. Since the entree is “make-it-yourself” I didn’t have to give any special instructions (like I usually do!). But I DID ask for their Roasted Red Pepper Sauce on the side because its really garlicky and yummy! Anyways, you can specify if you want corn or flour tortillas, and I would suggest corn. When building your individual fajitas, you can control how much cheese and sour cream to put, which are the unhealthiest ingredients of the meal. Other than that, the vegetables provide a GREAT source of fiber and nutrients and they simply make you feel good! Furthermore, the black beans are a good and healthy source of protein. Oh did I mention this meal could TOTALLY be vegan? Yup! You don’t really need to add cheese or sour cream to make the veggie fajita taste good, so if you’re a vegan start eating cause your taste buds WILL be tantalized!

Next time your at Jose Tejas, don’t go for the cheese-drenched or fried Tex-Mex item, go for something that’s just AS good and makes you feel good too! 🙂

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