How Do I Get These Egg Shells Out of My Omelette?!

One of the most common problems with breakfast and baking is egg shells in your food!

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After many trials and tribulations of cracking eggs for baking, making omelets and breakfast for my family friends, I have come to a solution for this problem. Ok, so it’s not some new discovery or anything that really needed to be figured out, but I feel like it’s an obvious detail that is generally missed! You know how almost all baking recipes require eggs to be at room temperature? Well, the first reason for that is because the eggs need to blend together with the wet ingredients in order to bake properly, and it’s really important to have all your ingredients at the same temperature while baking. But secondly, I realized that breaking a room temperature egg allows for even breakage without shattering bits of egg shells everywhere! I think breaking a freezing-cold egg straight out of the fridge is almost shocking to the shell, and thus shatters into pieces. But a room temperature egg breaks with more ease!

If you DO get shells into your food, the quickest and best way to take it out is to use one half of the egg shell! Just place it close to the chipped shell and you’ll see the shell piece gravitate towards the egg shell half, and you can scoop it up! Yes, I know this is a neat trick!

If you know you’re going to bake, or even make breakfast, just place the eggs in a bowl of WARM water- not hot. And in about 5-10 minutes, your eggs will be room temperature and much easier to handle! If you have time and like the plan ahead, you can always keep the eggs out about an hour before you cook- trust me it’ll make a difference!

Some Egg Recipes to Test Out This New Trick!

Egg n’Cheese Sandwich

Zesty Bagel Sandwich

Taco Omelette



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