“I’m on a ‘diet,’ so no pasta for me!”


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How many times have you heard this from a friend who’s trying to lose weight before the summer or just in general? Honestly, I find it silly. I feel like people aren’t aware of the way foods can be made healthy, so they just avoid it. I’m not a certified dietician or nutritionist, but I think that method is silly, and not really a method at all. If you avoid a certain food for a long period of time, then you’ll naturally feel an urge to eat it one day and that leads to binge eating.

(My Very Italian ‘n Healthy 3-Tomato Bruschetta)

As a native New Yorker (specifically a Staten Islander), there’s no way to resist the amazing Italian food that surrounds me 24/7. Pizza, pasta, heros, rice balls, potato croquettes- I can go on and ON. And as much as I’d like to indulge in fried goodness everyday, that really isn’t an option if I’m trying to stay healthy! What I do eat though is pasta and pizza. I’m gonna give you some tips on how to stay reltively healthy, without living a life of avoiding Italian food and carbs.

Pasta: here’s my general ordering tips at your typical Italian restaurant-

  • Ask if they have whole-wheat pasta– changing your dish from regular pasta to whole wheat can provide more protein less carbs and calories.
  • Request for less oil– restaurants tend to unnecessarily douse pasta in extra vrgin olive oil, and that’s all fine and dandy, but I would rather save tons of fat and calories instead consuming a weeks worth of fat in one pasta dish.
  • Light on the cheese– no, restaurant do not usually carry reduced-fat cheese, so it’s best to save fat, calories and cholestrol by saying less cheese!
  • Half portions– our eyes tend to be bigger then our stomachs, and if you’re like me, then you usually like to finish every bite on your plate (yah, basically an Indian-person mentality i admit!) So, I save myself by ordering a half portion- just as good and even better it’s cheaper!

Pizza: Basically follow the tips above and try not to eat the whole pie 🙂

Do these tips help? I would love to hear some feedback!

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