My Cooking Demo at Le Creuset: Pictures & More!

I’m having some technical difficulties uploading the videos, but I assure you I’ll have them up soon enough!

Le Creuset gifted me one piece of cookware for hosting my demo!

About a month ago I hosted my first cooking demo for Le Creuset at the Jersey Shore Outlets! It was so much fun! I chose 2 dishes to make- Crunchy Eggless French Toast and Tandoori Tofu Masala “Salad.” I chose these two because I know that people are not generally fond of tofu and aren’t really willing to work with it, but I wanted to show them that even as a recently turned vegetarian (like myself), tofu can taste amazing and satisfy your hunger. Plus, tofu is high in protein and low in fat and calories. That being said it should not be perceived as solely a “diet” food.

Me in Action 🙂

Let me just say that people were coming back in for seconds and thirds, and some couldn’t believe that the tofu dish was tofu! Many asked if it was cheese, because it was really soft and was pretty close to tasting and feeling like cheese. It was such a great feeling for me to see people who have never had tofu before, due to it’s bad reputation, ask me how I made it or tell me that it tastes really good!


The French Toast was also a huge success. At first people were like “how do you make french toast without eggs?!” Someone asked me “do you even use bread?” I was a little confused by that question, but once they had a taste of my crunchy french toast, they were amazed as to how good it tasted without the fat, cholesterol and heaviness of eggs!

My station- me grilling the Crunchy French Toast

The whole experience was awesome and I really enjoyed watching people eat my food, and come back for seconds and then ask me for the recipe! I think the best part of this whole demo was getting people who don’t like a certain food or dish, i.e., tofu, to come back and eat more and become amazed as to how I got tofu to taste so good!

Engaging the Audience hehe

Please don’t mind the flash LOL

I hope I have another opportunity to do a food demo. This was a great start to my foodie career. It also opened up my eyes as to what I should work on if I ever want to pursue a career in the food entertainment business. For instance, I was talking to the audience and asking them questions, but I realized that asking an audience questions is probably not the best way to engage them. People become to shy to call out answers or talk in front of others, so I have to talk in a manner that will inform the audience while keeping them comfortable. However, I loved explaining all of the exotic ingredients I was using, and people seemed to be interested in that because they’re used to using “tandoori masala,” “coriander” or even “cumin powder.” I love teaching people new things!


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