100+ Cakepops for my Sister’s Engagement Party.. Oh & a “Hurricane.”

This past weekend was my middle sister Puja’s engagement party! This past weekend was also the most unnecessarily hyped-up Hurricane of the decade- Hurricane Irene. Some pictures are of the cakepops pre-wrapped and some are post-wrapped. The Rose-Red Velvet Cake Pops seemed a bit denser than the Banana Bread cakepops, so I ended up giving out the Rose Red Velvets in mini cups and the Banana Bread Cakepops on actual cookie sticks. It actually worked out well- people liked the variety! The kids obviously liked the sticks better than the cups.

I surrounded each Rose-Red Velvet Cake Pop with a fresh rose petal 

Let me now even get into that. Let’s get back to more important and delicious things like my 100+ cakepops. Yes, I mad over 100 cake pops in 2 different varieties from scratch. You’re probably wondering right now if this girl has a life.

Well, for your information i DO, but I happened to request a few days off from work for my sisters engagement party. So I had all the time in the world :).

My Beautiful Sister and Handsome Bro-in-Law to be! 🙂

I made my scrumptious Banana Bread Cakepops enrobed in dark chocolate and my Rose-Infused Red Velvet Cakepops enrobed in dark or white chocolate. Here’s a glimpse of all my hardwork!

Oh, wait did I mention that I printed my first-ever business card?! YES, I did!

Well, thanks to fedex and a very special someone, I was able to design and print my business cards just in time for the engagement party- just tryin’ to do a little PR ;).

Yes, I made a lot of cakepops.. wrapped a lot of cakepops..all in a “hurricane” 

I know you like cake pops & cupcakes, so check out mine: 

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10 thoughts on “100+ Cakepops for my Sister’s Engagement Party.. Oh & a “Hurricane.”

  1. You did such a wonderful job on these cake pops,the rose petal was an elegant touch also. I am sure the recipients were delighted, especially your sis. That is a great picture of the happy couple!

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