Happy 1st Anniversary to chefPriyanka.com!!

A really old picture, but it expresses how I feel about my 1 year anniversary- Happy!!

Happy 1st Anniversary to chefPriyanka.com!! Yes, todays marks ONE year from when I started this blog- and boy has it been a crazy journey! To be honest, I wish I had more time to contribute my recipes, tips and restaurant reviews, but I think I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping my blog up-to-date between working as an Analyst, applying to law school and moving to an apartment *pat on the back* 🙂

In case you guys didn’t know, I wasn’t always a vegetarian. In fact, I ate chicken and seafood for practically my whole life! But I’ve always claimed to be an animal-lover. One day last year (in August to be exact), I thought to myself  “If I truly am an animal love, I wouldn’t be eating cute little chickens or fishies for lunch and dinner!” And that’s when it happened- I stopped cold. For most people that’s not an easy thing to do- going from eating meat everyday to completely shutting it out of your life. I don’t recommend the method in which I took to stop eating meat, but it definitely worked for me!

Deciding which dessert to attack first…

Why did it work? I’ve always liked vegetables and vegetarian food, but never really gave full-on vegetarianism a chance. As loser-ish as this sounds, I thought that becoming a vegetarian would make me fat, because I’d substitute meat with more carbs, cheese and fatty goods. However, quite the opposite has happened! My body weight is much healthier, my skin is better and I have more energy- and don’t be fooled by my healthy blog, I do indulge quite often (can’t go to bed without having something chocolatey and sweet!). In any case, my point of saying all this is don’t be afraid to drop meat and seafood (which I consider to be meat by the way)- you’ll be pleasantly surprised as to how you won’t even miss it. After all, that’s why my blog is here- to give you yummy ideas on how to stay satisfied and full when a completely vegetarian meal! I hope everyone out there is utilizing my veggie recipes and tips!

My drink of choice- Gin n Tonic (low in calories people!!)

Back to celebrations- since I haven’t had a chance to make myself an anniversary meal/dessert, I thought it would be fun to share with you all the vegan desserts I’ve created over the past year. But, before I take you on my vegan dessert journey, I would like preface this by saying that I do NOT only bake- I am more of a cook than a baker! My vegan desserts just happen to be quite popular amongst the vegan (internet) community! You’ll be drooling over what I have to offer, plus they’re guilt-free- no cuddly animals being harmed in the process 🙂

Let’s just take another detour to my first blog post EVER titled “Miss Cinnamon”– I asked my friends and family, if I were any ingredient what do you think I would be, and the response was Cinnamon! Here’s a little excerpt:

 “Why cinnamon you may ask? Well for all of you who don’t know, cinnamon is a very dynamic spice.   It can be used in sweet and savory dishes…” 

So, what I infer from that is I’m dynamic and versatile and fun (I just threw that last one in there :-p)

Anyways the vegan desserts:

Chiroti: Indian Pastry flavored with sugar syrup, saffron and cardamom

Peppermint Bark Lollipops: Great for parties, Christmas time and kids parties! Decadent dark chocolate swirled with the cool taste of peppermint- who can resist?!

Chocolate-Nutella Peanut Butter Truffles: I think these pretty much speak for themselves- buttery, chocolatey and oh-so-vegan!

Vegan Mojito Cupcakes: yes, these were a hit in the vegan community- it’s like a refreshing summertime drink in a cupcake!

Vegan Saffron Cupcakes with Cardamom-Rose Frosting: this was my FIRST recipe to be featured on FoodBuzz Top 9!!!


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