I started this blog in September 2010, mainly to introduce Americans to the different variations and creations of vegetarian food. And to emphasize that vegetarian food can be delicious and super healthy, and you won’t miss the meat! Well, these past months have allowed me to expand on my culinary knowledge and I’ve been recognized by many high-brow companies, won some contests and even have hosted my first live cooking demo! Take a look below at some of my accomplishments. The list is short, but I hope to expand on it in the near future đŸ™‚

PETA Living: Check out all my articles for PETA! 

  1. Bring the Diner Home on a Sunday Morning!
  2. Masala-Tofu Veggie Burgers
  3. A Little Taste of the Vegan Mediterranean 
  4. Drop that Burger! Who said Vegetarians can’t Barbecue?


April 2011: 10th Runner Up out of 500+ Contestants in the PAM Top Tips Cooking Contest

Cooking Demonstrations:

May 22, 2011: Cooking Demo for a Live audience at Le Creuset Store, Jersey Shore Outlets

Recognitions: I’ve been recognized by the following brands on either Twitter, Facebook or directly on my Blog:


-PETA India

-Food & Wine Magazine


-Zagat NYC

-PAM Cooking Spray


-Sabra Mediterranean

-Panera Bread



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