Perfect Italian Summertime Menu

(My yummy Pina Colada in Turks & Caicos MMM- no this isn’t Italian, but it just reminds me of summer)

When it’s hot out, you don’t really want to be slaving over a stove (well, I don’t consider it ‘slaving’ but some people do!), or standing over a burning hot grill in 100 degree temperatures. I was browsing through my own blog- yes, one of those moments where I was sitting around not doing anything, when I probably should’ve been doing something like showering the dogs- and I noticed I had tons of Italian recipes. Many recipes which can be done ahead of time and are cool treats for the summer.

Oh, and you don’t have to be Italian to know how to cook yummy Italian food ūüėČ

Let’s start off with my 3-Tomato Brushcetta: (vegan)

I combine juicy cherry tomatoes with fresh basil, garlic, chili and top it with a drizzle of balsamic glaze. Oh, I almost forgot- I incorporate a generous amount of freshly grated parmigiana cheese YUM. This dish is light, fresh and can easily be made ahead of time. Just slice and toast the bread when you’re ready to serve. Perfect for summer night get-together’s and poolside parties. (Just substitute vegan parmigiana or omit to make this dish vegan.) Click the link for the complete recipe.

Next up is my Spring-Medley Pasta Salad: (vegan)

This ain’t your ordinary pasta salad tossed with some packet salad dressing with ridiculous amounts of sodium. I begin by sauteing up some green veggies- asparagus, zucchini, onion, garlic and toss everything with a homemade dressing. That is the key to this dish- the chunky, zesty and amazingly fresh dressing- nothing can beat a dish where every component is homemade! Sun dried tomatoes combined with tangy capers and red wine vinegar make for a flavorful and yummy dressing. This dish is supposed to be made ahead of time and served cold, so it’s perfect for summertime dinners! (Omit the fresh mozzarella to make vegan). Click the link for the complete recipe.

And finally to top off your Italian feast, my Egg-less Amaretto Infused Tiramisu:

I think this dessert speaks for itself.. egg less, light, fluffy and meant to be prepared ahead of time and served either cold or room temperature, so its super flexible for any of your summertime parties! Infused with the almond-y flavor of the Italian liquor Amaretto, this dessert is scrumptious. I actually was never really a fan of Tiramisu, but for some ODD reason, my family and I always believed that my dad loved it. Turns out, he doesn’t really care for it much. But, assuming that he did like it, I developed an egg-less recipe around Diwali time (Indian festival of lights) back in November, because during this cultural and religious festival, you’re traditionally not supposed to consume anything with meat or eggs. Even though we discovered that he indeed does not care for Tiramisu much, this dessert was a hit, with my dad and family and friends! Click the link for complete recipe.

Anyways, this dessert is perfect for summer nights. The end.

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