Happy Independence Day India- Here’s to all the yummy food my motherland has to offer!

Happy Independence Day India! Today should be celebrated with all things white, green and orange (those would the colors of the Indian flag, JUST in case you didn’t know).

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In honor of my motherland (I can’t really refer to it as my HOMEland because I was born and brought up in NYC,

(Picture of Downtown from Jersey City taken with my phone)

but I am still very in touch with my roots. Actually, I can confidently say I am more Indian than I am American), below I have posted all the Indian recipes that I have posted throughout the year on my blog! Some are traditional, some are modern twists of classics, and some are my own creations! Let’s celebrate this wonderful day with some Indian eats!

For those of you who have not traveled to India or even may be a little hesitant to travel there (as I have encountered some folks like this), one aspect, and a HUGE aspect I might add, that makes this country wonderful is the food. Just like we have 28 dialects of the Indian languages, each village, region, city and state has their own kind of food, all with a different flair. Food is such an essential part of any culture and in Indian its no different. So, to honor 64 years of Independence from the Brits, here are all the yummy dishes that I have made, and I can only give credit to my Indian background for my knack for cooking and eating ūüôā

Traditional Indian:

(please don’t mind the AWFUL phone picture!)

Classics with a Twist:

My own Creations:


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