Our Quaint Diwali Celebration!

If you happened to be in India a week ago, you would be well aware of Diwali– our New Year, roughly translated into the “Festival of Lights.” It is one of our (and when I say our I’m referring to Indian people haha) biggest celebrations of the year, and has a religious as well as cultural context to the holiday. My family and I usually have a party or get together around this time of year, but were not able to this year (busy with work n’ things- you know the deal, haha). But we still celebrate with all of the traditions- my mom for- 1 week straight- makes homemade snacks and sweets and sets a small portion aside for Laxmi and the other deities. When you’re making food for any of the Gods, it cannot be tasted- he or she must be the first to have a taste on the night of Diwali! We celebrate with a religious pooja and then we FEAST nom nom nom!

Here is a look at how we celebrated Diwali…

From the left: Chiroti (recipe can be found here-vegan); Chukkli; Rice Chooda; Spicy Sev; Charchikai and the center is: Holgi

YES YUM- all of Momma’s HARD WORK

Our beautiful Laxmi adorned with gold, diamonds, rubies- you name it! She is, afterall, the good of Success & Prosperity. It is said that in a Hindu family, when a girl is born into the family, it is as if Laxmi has entered the family. AKA girls bring the mula! 😛

Traditional Deepas

She likes her bling..

Our Beautiful entrance 🙂

Do you like my photography??

Like Indian Food? Try These Festive Recipes!

  Indian Stuffed Masala Peppers with Paneer (Top 10 in PAM Top Tips Contest!)

  Vegan Indian Cupcakes (was on Foodbuzz Top 9 on Sept. 9th, 2011!)

   Creamy Maharashtrian Chole (Garbanzo Beans)


9 thoughts on “Our Quaint Diwali Celebration!

  1. What a wonderful celebration! 🙂 At the university I work at, the Indian students always have a big Diwali dinner open to the the university, with incredibly tasty dishes and gorgeous lights everywhere. I always love the treats they offer 🙂

  2. Love everything about your blog I had to book mark your site. I am not very much into Facebook or twittering , can’t manage. Everything looks Yummy. My mom used to do the same. Hats off to all moms of the world. It was really my pleasure to browse your blog and would keep coming. Do visit my site after finishing your feast at http://simpleglutenfreekitchen.blogspot.com/

  3. That looks so great! I grew up my whole life in a place called Surrey, BC, Canada, & I absolutely love it because the culture there is so diverse. There is a large number of Indian people living in that general area, so even though I am born Canadian, I still got to learn all about the culture of India, even the schools have classes from the languages all the way to belly dancing in P.E. At school dances, I can’t remember what it’s called (high school was a quite a while back for me now), but there was a type of Indian dancing that was very popular =) And every year at the larger parks, there would be Diwali celebrations!! My friends & I would go to the one in the Newton area, & it was always amazing. Even the pizza places around would have a variety of these awesome Indian sweets, & they were always super popular places to go to during lunch hour =D Makes me smile just remembering all this, I don’t live there anymore though. Moved years back, at the end of grade 9 my parents moved our family. Culture is still all around though, & I love it!

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