New Apartment, Awesome Housewarming Party!!

Beautiful flower arrangement in my lobby (they change it weekly)! 

Hello everyone! So if you’re wondering why I’ve been so M.I.A it’s because I have a legitimate excuse! I swear! I’ve been busy moving into my own new apartment in the city!! Yes, living the independent life in my own studio 🙂

Some of my hanging decorations 🙂 

Over these past few weeks, I’ve been setting up my new place and adjusting to my new environment. I have 2 fabulous roommates- I’ll share pictures with you below. Look at my fabulous view (the best part of my apartment!!):

During these past few weeks, I also had a small housewarming party- it was awesome! I wish I remembered to whip out my camera and take more pictures, but I was too busy entertaining and serving my food. Want to know what I made??

I figured it would be fun to make cocktail style foods, that people can just grab and eat. The feedback from my friends was great! Except for the fact that the Mexican pizza was a bit too spicy for them (babies), haha.

Romeo Cuddle BABYYY

Juliet Cuddle BABBYYY

Now, onto the housewarming gifts- best gift EVER from the parentals: A Artisan Kitchen Aid Mixer that I’ve been dying to have FOREVER now.

Yes, I sound like a complete cooking dork, but I don’t care, cause this is the best gift EVER. And they bought the ‘green apple’ color which goes perfectly with my apartment and of course my personality (bright, obnoxious and in your face :)). The first I made with my Kitchen Aid mixer were my mini Vegan Cupcakes. Yum yum yum.

Ok, not gonna lie, I used the wrong attachment for the frosting, so it didn’t turn out perfect, but was good enough!

Ok my roommates are a little nontraditional, but the best roommates anyone could ask for- my cuddly babies Romeo & Juliet! Yes, my pups are living with me and they keep me company (that is when I’m not in the office for 12+ hours). Jealous yet? It’s ok.. I mean who wouldn’t want cuddly and loving roommates such as these?!

Like what you see? Check out there Vegetarian Party Foods:

   Mexican Pizza Towers with a Avocado-Jalapeno Crema

   Indian Stuffed Masala Peppers with Paneer

   Italian Broccoli with Breadcrumbs & Caramelized Onions


10 thoughts on “New Apartment, Awesome Housewarming Party!!

  1. yumm!! Your food looks amazing =) I dream of having a kitchen-aid mixer all the time 😛 😛 I love the colour of yours! Those cupcakes look & sound delish

  2. Aaaah, you have the green mixer!! I envy you from the bottom of my soul!
    Looks like you found a great new place, from the glimpses we got. And mm, the pizzas have me salivating!

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